I received a Bachelor of Science from Mount Allison University majoring in both Biochemistry and Cognitive Science (unofficial minors in Psychology and Philosophy) in 2017. This provides me with a strong interdisciplinary education from many academic areas.

Ultimately, I see myself as an intellectual and an academic, a philosopher and skeptic. This site is an intellectual and creative outlet for me to share my thoughts and philosophical ramblings on topics which I feel are meaningful to share. Most of the posts are insights or moments of personal epiphany.

I’ve been blogging for half a dozen years now (since June 2011) on topics such as science, philosophy, knowledge, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, psychology, health, and philosophy of science. My philosophical style is more of a speculative perspective, hence there will be much speculative philosophy but also some thoughts on current issues I find are important to share. I sometimes confine myself to more dogmatic approaches to writing, but feel like it sometimes constrains too much the ideological process.

In philosophy, interests lie in the specific areas of philosophy of mind, consciousness, philosophy of science, metaphysics, philosophy of psychology, phenomenology, ontology, epistemology, and a little of philosophical theology. Possessing a science background, I like to mix my philosophy with some science, usually mixing innovative ideas with scientific evidence or dogma.

My goals (of this blog) are mainly to enlighten others, and open people’s perspectives on many obscure and subtle topics in order to elucidate [possible] truths of the universe. I see my role in life is to act as thinker and as a compendium of knowledge for those who seek it. To provide a logical (sometimes eccentric or neurotic) and disillusioned perspective on life.

I welcome questions, comments, and criticism on anything contain in this blog; If you like something, let me know. Didn’t like it? Let me know also.


A, veritas, cogito ergo sum.