I’m an academic, a philosopher, an intellectual, and a writer. I grew up in a small town in a low income family with very little opportunities. At the age of 10 (1998), my parents separated and we eventually moved to a very small city, and I lived in various foster homes for periods of time. My life went downhill as I got into bad influences such as drugs, stealing, and drinking. I had dropped out of high school.

Eventually, through self-study, I got my GED in 2009 at the age of 20. Followed by an adult high school diploma from the College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (2012) focusing on Chemistry and Biology. I pursued post-secondary education at Mount Allison University, a highly-ranked primarily undergraduate liberal arts institution, achieving officially a Bachelor in Biochemistry and Cognitive Science (with unofficial minors in Psychology and Philosophy) in 2017. During this time I also pursued martial arts, and through discipline and hard work, received a shodan rank in April of 2016 in shotokan karate. Karate is my second love. I applied to a Master’s Philosophy program for Sept 2017 to pursue further philosophical education, but was not accepted for admittance. Perhaps an endeavor for the future

During my education, I had strong interests in both the mind as well as Biology and Chemistry. About 2/3 through completion of all requisites for the degree, I took a course in philosophy of mind, sparking an intense relationship with philosophy.. I continued to take philosophy courses not required for my degree in interest. This provides me with  a strong interdisciplinary education from the areas of Psychology, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Linguistics, social sciences, humanities, Physics, math, and the arts.

Despite my horrible background, crippling social anxiety, and social underdevelopment, I’m finally here. I’ve just graduated with my bachelor’s and have more time to dedicate to writing philosophy. It’s my first love. At the moment, I am focusing on taking time to write and experience a bit more to life. Express my thoughts and gain new ones.

Ultimately, I’m an intellectual and an academic. This site is an intellectual outlet for me to share my thoughts and philosophical ramblings on topics which I feel are meaningful to share, and is a fun hobby for me. I’ve been blogging for half a dozen years now (since June 2011) on topics such as science, philosophy, knowledge, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, psychology, health, and philosophy of science. My philosophical style is more of a speculative perspective, hence there will be much speculative philosophy on obscure topics, but also some thoughts on current happenings. i.e. thoughts on political and social issues, environmental impacts, etc… I hope to apply my knowledge from a philosophical perspective on many topics.

In philosophy, my specialties and interests lie in the specific areas of philosophy of mind, consciousness, philosophy of science, metaphysics, philosophy of psychology, phenomenology, ontology, epistemology, and a little of philosophical theology. Possessing a strong science background, I like to mix my philosophy with some science.

My goals (of this blog) are mainly to enlighten others, and open people’s perspectives on many obscure and subtle topics in order to open eyes to the [possible] truths of the universe. My role in life is to act as thinker and as a compendium of knowledge for those who seek it. A logical and disillusioned perspective on life.

I hope to pursue writing full-time, and am currently working slowly on a book concerning modern human life. A layman’s guide of sorts to help guide people’s thoughts and ideas. If you wish to support my efforts please support a starving writer. patreon.com/scirephilosophia