Society Bounded Body Bounded Spirit

Spirit bounds within loudly
Passion burns like 1000 suns
Soul tears at the physical boundaries of this body
Beating against society’s defining walls

It is impossible to cry out loud enough to announce the spirit’s desire
Society shames one for acting out
This body does not have enough ability to channel such inner wildfire
Society leaves one always without

How can I express through these words, these mere microscopic symbols, this most abstract and subjective of experiences of mine?
This inner energy too pure to tame, it can only be shared, expressed at the limits of universe’s physics
Mind over matter and spirit over mind
The spirit’s fingers grope the universe through the indestructible bars with much hysterics

No channel for which this spirit to harmonize
Tumbling through an endless void of utter dismay
I stretch over the world with no reply
A mighty fa├žade of pleasantries block the way

A dead silence creeps the noise soon sleeps
The spirit by necessity returns home and settles down to fill the vessel of it’s proximal conjured solace

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